Horses grazing on farmland in Central Kentucky

As a horse owner, one of the most important decisions you will make is determining how much land is required to properly house your equine friends. The amount of land required to house horses in Kentucky depends on several factors, including the number of horses, the type of housing, and the intended use of the land. 

According to the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the minimum recommended space for a single horse is one acre of pasture, with additional land required for housing and storage. However, this recommendation is a minimum, and many experts recommend more land for a healthy and happy horse.

If you’re planning on buying a Kentucky horse farm, These are some important considerations to take into account when deciding how…

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New Listing at 867 Pinkney Drive, Lexington, KY 40504 An adorable, updated home in Pine Meadows.  The house features a redone kitchen and bathroom, new appliances, insulated windows, new door, hardwood floors, gas fireplace in the living room, freshly painted, level fenced backyard, detached 2 car garage.  This is a super location within 2 blocks of 2 parks.  It is close to medical facilities, restaurants, shops, pool, golf course, and more! $275,000  Hill & Regan Parker, Turf Town Properties, 859-608-8039  

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused so many stresses in society it is hard to remember them all!  Unfortunately there is a ripple effect, too.  So many people have lost their jobs and are now way behind on their rents.  The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions has put a moratorium on evictions through at least March 31, 2021.  This helps protect the tenants but what about the people who own the houses/apartments who have not been paid for the last year.  This becomes especially painful for retirees who count on the income from their rental properties to support their retirement.  The Wall Street Journal had a great article that offered some good advice.  Properties owners may wish to contact their banks and ask for temporary forbearance on their…

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Farm Prices-   The Wall Street Journal recently reported that home prices rose an average of 10.4% over the last year.  Sometimes numbers can be misleading.  For our broad farm market including anything 5 acres or more, the average price has increased from $438,144 to $513,900 over the last year.  On paper,  this looks like a 14.7% increase in purchase price.  In realty, farm values are rising but a much slower basis than the average makes it appear.  The total sales volume for the farm market has increased from $108,659,796 to $142,350,269.  The total volume is skewing the average higher but the reality is that average sales price for farms under $500,000 has gone from $186,821 to $193,266, the average sales prices for farms between…

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Barn on a Kentucky horse farm in the winter

It’s that time of the year where you have likely begun your annual fall and winter maintenance routine on your Kentucky horse farm.

Here are some valuable tips to help ensure your winter is successful.

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  • Stock up on hay, feed & bedding
  • Test emergency supplies on hand
  • Prepare your tools & equipment
  • Ensure fencing is secure
  • Check outdoor & barn lighting
  • Clean & store your tack
  • Wash blankets
  • Plan a rodent control stategy

Stock up on hay, feed and bedding

You will need about 600 pounds of hay per month for each 1000-pound horse. During winter months, your horses may not have access to fresh food from the pasture, so it’s important to have enough hay and any supplements on hand to last until they are…

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Financing Your Kentucky Horse Farm

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a Kentucky horse farm it’s important to know that there are some differences between financing a horse farm and residential real estate. Before you begin you will need to know how you plan to use the farm.

Will your farm be classified as a “working farm” (actively being used for crop production and/or raising livestock)?

Not only will this help you and your REALTOR® identify specific property features but it will also help you determine what type of financing options are available to you.

How is Financing Different?

There are several differences when it comes to financing a Kentucky horse farm.

To start, if there is a residential house on the property you may still qualify for a residential mortgage.

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Before you know it, winter will be here!

We know how important your horse barn is. And it's time to prepare your Kentucky horse barn for the upcoming season to ensure your champion pet is comfortable and well taken care of.

Kentucky may not have the most brutal winters, but it still gets decently cold. With cooler temperatures quickly approaching, it's important to winterize your horse barn in the fall.

From prepping the living quarters to preparing your horse's body, there's plenty of ways to get your horses and their homes ready for the season.

Are your Horse Facilities lacking? See what else is out there!

Feed Your Horses More

While we understand you want to keep your equines in the best shape possible, it's important to keep them…

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Several holidays are fast approaching - Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas.

With so many opportunities to celebrate coming up, there will be ample opportunity to decorate your property. This includes the house of course, and maybe even the barn.

Of course, if you are planning to decorate any space where your animals habitate, you have to take special care to ensure that your decorations are set up safely, and nothing harmful to your animal we’ll be easily reachable.

We’ve put together a few quick holiday barn decorating safety tips to ensure that you, and your animals, can get the most out of the holidays, while remaining safe.

Lights & Electronics

Lights are a great way to literally light up any space - be it festive…

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do i need a real estate agent who specializes in kentucky horse properties

Short answer - yes!

First off - remember you don’t have to use the listing agent of any specific property that you’re interested in.

In fact, you deserve to have an agent in your corner that will always keep your best interests top of mind. In the long run it will pay off huge to have an agent working for you that has a specialization in whichever niche you are interested in buying in - particularly if you’re looking to purchase a Kentucky horse farm.

It’s advisable to take your time, research thoroughly and do your due diligence. Don’t feel beholden to a single agent - interview several. You aren’t tied down until some kind of buyer agreement is signed.

What Information Can A Kentucky Horse Property Specialist Provide?

A local…

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red tape

We get it - you just want to own and run your own farm.

Unfortunately if you want to buy anything as large as a farm in a lot of places across the United States, it means dealing with a lot of restrictions, government bureaucracy and plenty of red tape.

This is one of the main reasons we'd encourage you to take a good, hard look at the Central Kentucky area. Not only is the landscape absolutely beautiful, the bluegrass region also allows for hassle-free farm ownership.

So you can run your dream farm - your way!

As long as you skip any properties located within neighborhood associations, all the following will almost certainly apply!

No Restrictions on the Number of Horses per Acre

1 horse for every 1-2 acres is our strong…

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