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We get it - you just want to own and run your own farm.

Unfortunately if you want to buy anything as large as a farm in a lot of places across the United States, it means dealing with a lot of restrictions, government bureaucracy and plenty of red tape.

This is one of the main reasons we'd encourage you to take a good, hard look at the Central Kentucky area. Not only is the landscape absolutely beautiful, the bluegrass region also allows for hassle-free farm ownership.

So you can run your dream farm - your way!

As long as you skip any properties located within neighborhood associations, all the following will almost certainly apply!

No Restrictions on the Number of Horses per Acre

1 horse for every 1-2 acres is our strong recommendation, but there aren't any specific restrictions imposed by local regulations. If you'd like your fields and pastures to remain green though, we'd recommend sticking to this figure as a general rule of thumb.

Build Where & What You Want

Let's cut right to the core of it, no one is going to tell you where you should build or what kinds of material you should use in there construction.

This includes everything from the placement of your house, the barn and the fencing.

Do you need to build a road across your property? Go for it - no need to ask anyone for permission.

We'd suggest not building anything immediately alongside a creek, just to err on the safe side!

Low, Low Taxes

Taxes are inevitable, but luckily for you, Kentucky enjoys some of the lowest tax rates in the country!

It depends on the county, but generally our tax rates range from .75 to 1% of the assessed value of the property for the first couple years.

Plus, if you are buying 10 or more acres you could qualify for an agricultural exemption. Essentially, you'll only be taxed on the value of improvements, and you won't even have to prove an agricultural business to get that discount.


There you have it!

With the highest horse population per square mile and some of the lowest tax rates in the country, not to mention a welcome lack of regulation, where else would you seriously consider buying your horse farm? Start your search today!

Are you interested in learning more farm or horse properties in the Lexington area of Kentucky? Please get in touch with Hill or Regan Parker online or call 859-608-8039 today!

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