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Kentucky horse farmsHill & Regan Parker are horse people first, and REALTORS® second, which is why they have been able to help countless other horse people find their dream farms. They have the experience and expertise to navigate the Kentucky horse farm market, as both real estate agents and professional horse owners.

If there's one thing Kentucky has, it's horse farms. An abundance of farms means there's a wealth of opportunity, but it also means that the local real estate market can start to feel like an overwhelming labyrinth of information and options. Hill & Regan Parker know how that feels so they strive to help each and every person find the horse farm that's right for them. They know the perfect farm is out there, which is why they always offer pressure-free service and truthful advice.

Tools For Kentucky Farm Buyers

  • Register for the Farm Finder and let us help find your picture-perfect property. If you sign up, you’ll be able to save your favorite farms and we’ll notify you when a property that meets your search criteria comes on the market.
  • First-Time Buyer? Learn about some things you might want to consider if you’re a first time farm buyer. We’re horse farm specialists, so we’ve got you covered.
  • Buy Your Home with a REALTOR®: Read why you should work with Hill and Regan Parker and how we can help you achieve your farm real estate goals. After all, we’re horse trainers and specialists, and we have your best interests in mind.
  • Use the Mortgage Calculator to calculate how much farm you can afford to purchase and to get a sense for how much the monthly payments will be.
  • Connect with a professional. Contact us anytime if you’d like to learn more about a particular farm or property. Whenever you’re ready to view the land, we’ll take you out and show you the property ourselves.
  • Out-of-Country Purchases: Are you from out-of-town? No problem. From initial consultation to closing, we’re here to assist with every stage of the process.

Starting Your Search For Kentucky Horse Farms

There's a lot to consider when you're thinking about buying a horse farm. Start the process by writing down your goals and making a list of what you're hoping to accomplish with your farm.

  • How many horses do you want to accommodate?
  • Will this be a primary source of revenue?
  • Do you want to train in dressage, jumping or racing?

Having a clear understanding of your intentions will help you with efficiency by only viewing properties to suit your needs.

Search All Current Listings

Here are some property features we'll help you consider:

The Barn: The most important element of a barn is the size and location on the property. You'll want to ensure that the barn is large enough to meet your needs and that the location will allow you to easily work within the property. Learn more about what to look for in a horse farm barn.

Pastures: A good quality pasture will be a source of exercise and nutrition, and their management will have a direct effect on the health of your horses. We'll help you determine whether the pastures we look at are right for you and your horses, from seed type to paddocks. Learn more about pastureland and paddocks.

Water: The Lexington, KY area is fairly lucky when it comes to natural water sources but we still experience drought conditions in some summer months. That's why water management systems and supplies are a crucial aspect to consider when looking at farms. We'll help you evaluate water sources to ensure your horses drink, regardless of the weather. Read more about horse farm water systems.

The House: Most horse farm owners live at their farm, which makes the house just as important as the farm itself. Make sure the real estate you purchase has the full package and that the house will suit your needs for the next several years.

Soil: Whether soil is high quality or not has a big impact on how successful an agricultural or horse farming venture is. For more information about which soil types are best for horse farms, read more what makes Kentucky soil unique.

The Fence: Fencing is important for any horse farm. It is also often expensive to have fencing installed, which is why it's important to know from the start whether you'll need to spend time updating or replacing fences. Read more about fencing horse farms.

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