What to Look For in a Horse Farm Barn

When buying a horse farm, one of the main facilities you should consider is the barn. This is where your horses and other related equipment are housed, so you want to make sure it suits both you and your horses’ needs. Here is what you should look for in a horse farm barn:


Barns not only house your horses, but your tack and other related equipment, so make sure it’s large enough for your needs. There should be ample storage space, as well as wide aisleways and spacious stalls.

Many barns standardly have 12-foot aisleways. Of course, if you find aisles that are larger, you’ll feel less cramped for space. You should also ensure that the barn has large enough stalls for your horses. Typically, stalls are 10’x10’. Any smaller will feel cramped.

In addition to the size of the stalls and the aisleways, you should consider the overall size of the barn—how many stalls it holds. You want to make sure the barn is large enough for your horse farm to grow. You may have four horses at the moment, but in the future you may want five or six. So, be sure to account for your future goals when checking out the size.

If you aren’t using the extra stalls to house horses, you can always use them as storage space.


The barn could be absolutely perfect—it could have large stalls, good ventilation, and ample storage. But, if it’s located a long distance from the house, you might find it hard to enjoy everything it has to offer. The trek to the barn will become troublesome over time and you’ll wish it wasn’t so far.

So, before you commit to a property, make sure the barn is in a location fairly close to the house. It will be much more convenient for you to do your day to day work this way.


Ventilation is an important aspect to a barn that many people forget to consider. It’s important to keep the air circulating through the barn to ensure that your horses are comfortable and healthy.

Ventilation looks different in every barn, so make sure to consult your real estate agent about this feature. Some barns have large fans while others have more sophisticated technology. At the end of the day, it doesn’t so much matter what style of ventilation your barn has as long as it does a good job.

Sliding Doors

When buying a horse farm, make sure you consider the type of door on the barn. Barns are constructed with either sliding doors or overhead doors, but the former is superior to the latter.

Sliding doors are often quieter than overhead and electric doors, so you’re less likely to spook your horse when you enter the barn.


During your tour of the barn, make sure to look at the finishes in the stalls. Make sure the barn is free of rough surfaces and metal corners that might injure your horses.

Your real estate agent will be able to help you with any other questions regarding the barn on your horse farm. To learn more about horse farm barns, contact one of our expert agents today!

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