Out-of-Country Property or Farm Purchasers

Do you live outside of Kentucky but you’re still interested in purchasing a farm or property? We can definitely help you. If you live out of town, it is even more important to use a reliable and experienced real estate agent to ensure that your purchase is completed properly. Turftown Properties is here to help you from consult to closing and we offer proficient representation in both local and international real estate transactions.

Search for farms in the Kentucky real estate market.

International Property Buyers

Purchasing a farm or property in Kentucky can be a lucrative investment. Whether you’re searching for a basic farm, horse farm or hobby farm, you’ll likely find that your property value will increase, promising a profitable asset.

If possible, we recommend visiting the farm or property you’re interested in to provide you with the best feel of the land and farm. If you’re unable to visit, you can easily use one of competent agents to help find the property you’re looking for, within your budget. Additionally, we always recommend hiring a real estate attorney, ensuring your property and farm purchase is problem-free.

Purchasing a farm is very different than purchasing a home, so take some time to learn local real estate laws. If you don’t have time, you can simply retain legal counsel and hire someone experienced in these matters. We’d be happy to recommend an attorney in the Greater Lexington area, and the real estate agent who can help you find the perfect property or farm for your needs.

The Turftown Properties team is here to help you achieve all of your real estate goals and we look forward to finding your dream horse farm.

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