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View Mount Sterling, KY land for sale below! Land for sale around Mt. Sterling presents a tremendous opportunity for farmers, adventurers, or investment-savvy buyers. The rolling pastures and wooded land of Kentucky's lush and fertile Bluegrass region offers endless possibilities for farming operations of all kinds, as well as residential development. 

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Why Mount Sterling, KY Is a Great Place to Buy Property

Mount Sterling and the local government offers excellent support and infrastructure, so local residents and land buyers can rest assured that their interests will always be protected.

With such a deep and settled history, all the land for sale around Mt. Sterling benefits from excellent infrastructure, including both transport routes and irrigation.

Besides Mt. Sterling, other nearby urban centers include the towns of Winchester, North Middletown, Paris, and of course, Lexington. Natural features include Cave Run Lake, Natural Bridge State Resort Park, and the Olympia State Forest.

The yearly climate around Mt. Sterling has hot and humid summers, to mild and cool winters. The relative mildness of the weather in this region makes it perfect for raising livestock of all kinds - partly accounting for the persistent popularity of horse farming in the area.

Land for sale in and around Mount Sterling comes in a variety of types and sizes - from single acreages, to vast properties running into the hundreds of acres. While the prices vary according to size, all are well-priced for what they offer, ready for either your small hobby farm, large commercial operation, or even a residential development.

Buying Land - Things to Consider

Whether you're spending a few thousand dollars or many millions of dollars, you should still think carefully about the decision to buy land around Mt. Sterling. To help you on your journey, here are some points of consideration:

Shop with a shovel - Research the local soil composition, water table, and other "below ground" factors. Check out the the USDA Web Soil Survey for more information.

Become a historian - Look into the history of the land you're buying. You may have to consult county records, so try to work with someone who has local contacts.

Check the regulations - Zoning, covenants, easements, plat restrictions, and conservation regulations. You need to know what all of these are and if any apply to your property.

Meet the neighbors - What are they doing? Any changes planned? What do they know about the land you're buying? This information is invaluable.

Access and utilities - Check what utilities you have access to: Water, electricity, internet, and so on.

Find an Experienced Agent

Buying land can be a big investment, and without a home or farming facilities all ready to go, there will still be a lot of work to be done once the purchase is complete. Because of this, you'll want to make extra sure that you have the right piece of land, in the right place, at the right price.

Local knowledge and real estate expertise are vital to this process, particularly from someone knowledgeable about the rural land and farm market around Mount Sterling.

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