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Whether you're starting a hobby farm or a horse farm in Kentucky, you'll quickly learn that starting a farm isn't all rainbows and sunshine.

It can be difficult to get started and many new farmers might underestimate the challenges they face.

That being said, once you've overcome those hurdles, owning a farm can be incredibly rewarding. Keep reading to learn our top five tips for new farm owners.

Start Small

Starting small might be one of the biggest challenges most new farm owners face.

Once you've purchased your property in Georgetown, Lexington, or anywhere in between, you'll want everything up and running as soon as possible. Ideas for the land will be flowing freely. Try to start small and grow your farm over time.

This may be the most important tip to ensure your farm's success.

Starting small also gives you time to work out the kinks. There are many layers that come with farming and it's not always easy to see these layers from the beginning.

Problems will arise, especially in the beginning, and you'll want to be able to have a clear view of the scope of the issues with a knowledge of how to alleviate the situation. If you try to do this with more than you can handle, you might become overwhelmed.

Location Matters

Choosing the perfect location for your farm plays an important role in your success.

Whether you're looking to start a crop farm or a horse farm, you'll want to play close attention to the type of soil and ensure that it's suitable for what you're looking to do. Check out what the neighbors are growing or breeding and see if their successes align with your goals.

Seek Out Support

Don't be afraid to seek out support from other local farmers and ask what has worked and what didn't work for them. Their advice is invaluable and they can provide insight on anything from breed temperaments to weather predictions.

And if you're ever in a pinch, they're the ones you'll want to farm-sit for you while you're away. Additionally, if you're new to farming, they'll be able to offer tremendous amounts of support throughout the learning curve.

Breeders Are Important

Before buying your first horse, it's important to know what the purpose of your horse will be.

Champion horse breeders will have a very different approach than a work horse breeder. Do your research and ask your neighbors or other farm owners who their favorite breeders are.

Additionally, feel free to visit some horse shows if this is something that interests you. You'll be able to gain valuable information by simply talking to others in the same field as you.

Manage Risks

Being prepared for the worst is easily the most valuable tip you will learn.

Try to keep yourself out of debt and have a backup plan for everything. Preparing for a rainy day will help you adapt to anything that unexpectedly happens. This can be anywhere from a dry season to a fire and everything in between.

With the proper education and preparation, your farm will be able to persevere when uncontrollable factors come into play.

Starting a farm can be one of the most rewarding risks you'll ever take. If you have any questions about starting a horse farm or if you'd like to view farms for sale in Kentucky, simply contact Turftown Properties online today or call 859-608-8039.

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